Discussion page on Info-Gap Decision Theory

This page is dedicated to an open discussion on Info-Gap Decision Theory. The reference material is my page at info-gap.moshe-online.com. For your convenience, this page can be shown/hidden using the "«« Show Page »>" and "»» Hide Page «<"

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\begin{align} \scalebox{1.5}{\textcolor{black}{1+2 + \alpha}} \huge {\text{I}} \end{align}
\begin{align} \frac{\huge \text{\alpha + 1}}{\huge \text{2 + \beta}} \end{align}
\begin{eqnarray} x &=& \left\{ \begin{array}{ccc} 1 & ,& 3 \\ 2&,&3\\ 4&,&5 \end{array} \right. \\ vvvvv &=& ccc \end{eqnarray}

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